Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kinnersani Dam,Kothagudem,Andhra Pradesh

''whew i finally made it.''exclaimed bhanu as he made his way into the bus stand,where akram,abhishek,swat,p,deepanjan(yes!,dippa ,he came here for a two day trip which he somehow turned into a 3 day stay,though we were more than happy for that)and myself were waiting.bhanu made that remark as he somehow(his parents were against this trip)got away from his house and came to join us for the trip.this time we were going to kinnerasani dam on river kinnerasani.we all boarded a bus to palvoncha.there we had our breakfast and proceeded towards the dam by hiring a tata magic(they can be seen almost anywhere in the countryside) the driver dropped us right at the entrance.
no sooner had we walked a few steps , a monkey jumped on bhanu's arm,snatched a pack of packs of chips he was carrying and ran off. bhanu gave a startled cry but soon he regained his composure.we were more careful after this and were on our guard.we walked on the dam and over to the other side.the walk itself was refreshing ,the day was warm and cloudy, a gentle breezing was blowing and it was the right time to visit the dam.we walked on and on till we reached a satisfying place to sit down and have our snacks and drinks.soon we reached the end from where the path went on to some village ahead.
we sat at the end of the embankment,just near the edge of the water and soon began unpacking.after a tiring walk,the cakes and snacks made for a refreshing change.soon we got down to talking and deepanjan told us some of his much awaited stories,which he promised he would tell us.(those stories are not here to be shared.meaning they are a secret)we sat there for ,maybe 2 hours enjoying the beautiful countryside and the mildy crashing waves of the river.

soon it was time to go and we made the long back back to the start of the dam.on the way swat started playing football with a cola bottle.deepanjan,abhi and me soon got into it.we ran on the embankment passing the ball to each other .it was very exciting and made the walk more interesting.the others followed leisurely behind.after a few minutes shoaib came along and hit the ball right out into the water and that was the end of our little game.we were taking some rest when somebody started singing 'all is well' and soon enough everybody was into it.singing,shouting and talking we made our way back.there luckily for us an auto was dropping off some people who had just come.we engaged it and in 20 minutes reached palvoncha. and from there took a bus to kothagudem.there we had our lunch consisting of the usual rotis and biryanis.after that hearty lunch we boarded a bus back to our colony.and that was the end of another fc outing which we finished by shouting "all is well".

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