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 Saturday, October 16, 2010

 Vijayawada trip

Day 1
It all started with an email i received two weeks ago.It was about a workshop on aeromodelling to be held in klu in eyes lit up as soon as i saw this because the workshop was for mechanical engineers and our planned trip to vijayawada last time didnt materialise.Sensing a multipurpose visit ,i called up the others and informed them aboit this.P ,Swat and after some convincing Akram agreed.P and swat brought along their friend from suryapet,Samant.
day 1
As p and swat were in the colony,they started from there. While akram and myself started from hyderabad.Samant started from suryuapet.All of us met at the bus station in vijayawada at 4 00am in the morning.we were not sure if KLU would be providing us with accomodation or not.As we were pondering about the plan for the day,to our relief we saw a counter setup by KLU at the busstand.Two or three students were sleeping on the chairs behind it.We approached them and woke up one of the them,gently.He informed us that accomodation will be provided andeverything would be taken care of by the university. By 8 00am,a big group gathered and all of us started off for the hostel where we were supposed to stay.We told them that the five of us wanted to be in the same room and they complied.soon we settled down ,freshened up,had our breakfast and made ourselves comfortable in the bus provided.
The bus took us to the university campus and by 11am,we were seated inside the seminar hall.
The campus was vast and lush with plants and trees.It took us quite a while to find the seminar hall as so many events were takng place.By 11 30am,the workshop started aand though it was good it did not meet our expectations.At 2 30pm there was a lunch break.As we strolled around the campus,we came upon many food satlls like dum ki biryani,fried rice the time we made our decision to eat something,every stall had closed except a roti and dal stall.So we had no other option than that.That stall had a huge crowd and we had to push our way through the crowd to the counter.After a lenghty battle with the crowd,we got our rotis and after eating it,we all agreed on the one thing.Our struggle was not worth the rotis we got.At 3 30pm the workshop resumed and by 5 30pm in the evening , it ended.We learnt the history of aeroplanes, about aerodynamics etc.and we also got to learn a software,foilsim.
In the evening there were some cultural programmes like dancin ,mimicry,ramp walks etc.they brought in a RJ and DJ and they kept the crowd entertained throughtout the evening.At around 8 30pm , we boarded the KLU bus back to hostel.We made our plans for the next day and slept blissfully.

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