Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Review : 2012

I know this is late for a year review but I will proceed anyway.Last year was quite good for me.I visited places in four states in India.
The Gol Gumbaz
           Back in march last year I visited one of India's most underestimated and unappreciated places, Bijapur in Karnataka.The Gol Gumbaz rates as one of the most awe inspiring monuments I have seen in my life.The size and grandeur of the Gumbaz is huge and magnificent.Along with the Gumbaz the huge Jama Masjid,the huge Canon,the huge fort all make an exciting journey to Bijapur

Geographical Center of India
          Next in August I went to Nagpur in Maharashtra for writing an exam.Writing an exam did not held me back from doing as much as sight seeing as possible.Armed with printouts of routes to take from my hotel I covered some significant places like the Geographical centre of India and the Small but interesting museum  Nagpur has nothing else to offer except these two.There are malls,movie theatres and amusement parks but by know you may be knowing i am not the kind to go to those.
Singhanpur Caves

          Next in August I moved to Raigarh, Chhattisgarh to pursue my PG in Thermal Power Plant Technology in Jindal Institute of Technology.A whole new exciting and unexplored state was calling me and I promptly responded by making my first trip to the Singhanpur Caves near Raigarh.The climb to the top of the mountain where the caves were,was awesome and my eventual trip report about it was appreciated in the Indiamike forum cause its still unknown among many.Next I went the Mahanadi to have fun in the river.The place was beautiful.
River Mahanadi

Indian Coffee House,Kolkatta
           In December I went to Kolkatta,WestBengal with Abhishek. This was my second visit to the city of thinkers and artists and this trip was to meet deepanjan,my childhood friend who moved to Kolkata.We met, we roamed the streets of Kolkata,we ate the street food,spent time in the gardens of Victoria Memorial,tried lots of different types of fish dishes and all in all it was an awesome end to the year.