Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kolkata.My first Official Visit.

This was my fourth visit to Kolkata and My first official trip.Apart from the company work I had a few things planned for it.

I checked-in in Hotel Natraj in Howrah area near the station and by 7am was ready to go out.I went to the legendary Mitra Cafe hoping to down some famous dishes like Brain chops and fish fry.But to my disappointment I found out that those items would be available only in the evening.I had a boiled egg for breakfast there.Atleast I knew the location now.From here I took the metro to MG Road and there walked around the streets. I was still hungry and desperately wanted a mughlai breakfast and checked zomato for a nearby place to eat a mughlai breakfast and found Sufia Restaurant nearby the Nakhoda masjid.Before I could reach Sufia restaurant I came across Hotel Aminia.I didnt know there was a branch here in these parts.I am still doubtful of the authenticity of that branch.Anyway I was very hungry from my long walk and I walked right in.I had mutton kheema and tandoori roti which I didnt quite like.

Next I walked back to my Hotel in Howrah going past the beautiful Writers Building while doing so.Yes I walked 3km maybe back to my hotel.From there for my official work I went to Ichapur.I was back to my hotel by 11 30am.I took some rest here and for the lunch I already had a restaurant in mind.I always wanted to try korean food for a long time.After seeing so many korean movies and Dramas I was curious to try something.This was my priority one activity for the trip and off I went determinedly.I took an Ola cab for the ride.

At the Family Chicken Restaurant at sector 1, Salt Lake I ordered Chicken Deopbab as it was the only dish I could eat(pork and squid are not permissible items for a muslim) The chicken was also halal here.As I took the first bite,mixing some rice with a chicken piece I didn't quite like it.It tasted very normal but as I continued eating the taste grew on me and by the time I finished I was absolutely delighted with the whole dish.After the meal here I went to college street by taking a share auto first then a public bus.In college street I was excited to see the piles and piles of books scattered everywhere.Nothing like the sight of books to lift the spirits of a bookworm.Taking Presidency College as my pivot I checked out both directions.I bought a good book at a Rs 100 fixed price book stall.I was happy with the deal.

From college street I took a cab back to Ichapur to complete my official work.From there it was straight back to my hotel where I took some rest till 9pm when I checked out.I went to the railway station and had my dinner in the KFC there which was overflowing with travellers.I boarded my train back to raigarh at 12am and slept like a log till the morning next day.