A Guide for Druk Path Trek,Bhutan

The Druk Path trek is one of the most popular treks in the small yet beautiful country of Bhutan.
Bhutan,especially in India,is very little known. Not many people consider going there. Trekking in Bhutan is even more unheard of which is a pity because Bhutan will leave you spellbound both in its cities and in the wilderness.
This is a short guide to the Druk Path Trek.I have a detailed post on each day of the trek as well as of the Tigers Nest hike.
First,this is a Himalayan Trek which starts from Paro (a city) and ends in Thimphu (Capital of Bhutan).This is not a 'summit' trek where the goal is to reach a peak or a highest point and from the base camp and then descend. This is A to B trek.From one point to another traversing through some 
wonderful scenery.The path takes you through rhododendron and pine forests,some stunning lakes and old creaking monasteries.  

Below are the complete list of posts.





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