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Warangal and Karimnagar(Elagandal Fort)

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date-Monday, March 8, 2010
Just came back from warangal yesterday.we wanted to attend nit sprinspree fest in

NIT warangal. so abhishek came to hyderabad on thursady.the two of us left for warangal early on friday and reached the nit campus by 11am.kiran was waiting for us there along with his cousin.we were wandering around the campus(it was veryyy bigg) when we met our classmate modini ,who is studying at nit warangal.she guided us and soon we got registered for the events. i wanted to take part in theme based a quiz and kiran, abhishek and his cousin went for essay writing.none of us won any prizes though.well it doesnt matter right.participating is more important than winning isnt it?(and no it's not a case of sour grapes).well my brother was also attending a workshop.we spent our evening together and at 8pm we(abhishek,kiran and me) left for jagityal,near karinmnagr where kiran stays.we reached at 1200 in the night.having got refreshed ,we made plans for the next day and soon fell asleep.we got up at 9am the next morning.after getting ready for the day,kiran took us on a bike ride around jagityal,he showed us the clock tower , among other things.our plan for the day was to visit elagandal fort near karinmnagar.we boarded a bus for karimnagar.from there took a bus to sircilla. we enquired about the fort to the
conductor.he gave us the directions and soon dropped us at apoint,from he told us to take a particular road .on taking note of the surrounding it looked as if we were in a desert.we could only some houses here and there scattered around barren land.the horizon was dominated by small gruops of hills.we started on the road which looked as if it lead to nowhere.we could not see what directly lay ahead of us as a hill was in the way. after walking for some time we came around the hill and to our delight we could see the elagandal fort in the distance.this renewed our energy and we stared briskly again.but again, as it was 1 o clock in the afternoon,the sun ovwerhead was burning . it felt as if we were walking on a pan.luckily for us an auto was approaching from behind. we took it and reached elagandal fort in about 10
minutes.whatever i read about the fort in websites,i found out,didnt do justice to the fort.the entrance itself was our surprise we found that we had to take a ticket.this meant that our govt was taking care of the structure. i felt good abt it.we took the tickets along wth a bottle of sprite and made our
way inside the fort.we started climbing the fort and somewhere we didnt know at that time, we took a wrong turn.we went on and on in this direction until we hit a dead end .by this time we were famished.the hot sun didnt help.i wasnt sad though coz we saw some beautiful sights and things that normally others dont see.we retraced our steps back till we found the right track.we follwed the track and reached the top
in a matter of 15 minutes .we had to climb a lot of steps the top of the hill there was a masjid and a temple.we spent some time here taking pics and enjoing the views.we were the only odd people here as others were all couples who came here for the privcy it we left quickly and at the base
took another auto right to karimnagar.from here we took a bus to warangal.we reached nit campus by 7pm and joined my brother. we then trotted off to the stadium where there was to be a group dance competioion. it started by 9pm and went on till 1130.barring 2or 3 all the performances were around 1am abhishek,my brother and myself took a bus bound for hyderabad and kiran took a bus to jagityal.thus ended a memorable weekend.

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