Monday, January 26, 2015


Having not visited any place in Jharkhand before I decided to check out Jamshedpur in my last Double off.It has nothing much to offer so I'll keep this short.

     I reached Jamshedpur by 5 30am.I Had breakfast in the railway station itself.The station,by the way, was very clean and big.Next I started walking in the direction of Bistupur.The environment outside the station reminds one of kolkatta's Howrah environs.All dirty and grimy.Away from the vicinity of the railway station though the city is clean.I walked all the way to the Millennium garden turning.In between I passed by a few gates of Tata Steel's plant.From there I took an auto to Sakchi.The share autos are very cheap there.In sakchi I strolled around looking at the local market which was put up for the day which was a sunday.After a rather disappointing walk I decided to take a nap and took a room in one of the hotels nearby.At 2pm I woke up and went to Cafe Regal in Bistupur. It was the highlight of the whole trip.The cafe has awesome vintage ambience.It has a nice corner lounge too with some great books.When I entered, bright sunlight was shining in from the windows and everything looked so classy.Soon I was met with the very affable Mr varun,the owner and he suggested I take the Parsi special which is made only on Sundays.I did and within 20minutes, a plate of rice,a bowl of dal and a bowl of chicken was placed before me.When I saw it I realised it was nothing but Bagara Khana and Dalcha.It was delicious and reminded me of the food my mom used to make.After this hearty meal I headed back to the railway station and returned to my room by 12pm.

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