Monday, September 24, 2012

Restuarants review of Raigarh (Non Veg)

As my last post mentioned I will be spending the next 1 year in Raigarh.Coming from Hyderabad,naturally i miss biryanis.So the first thing I did in raigarh was to check out the non veg 'scene' here.So my friends and me checked out some hotels and I am going to write about them here.Before I do let me point out a few things.The hotels I am going to talk about are all non vegetarian ones and I will be talking about the dishes me and my friends checked out,so even if what we ate was good or bad I am not talking about the whole restaurant in general.With that let me begin with:

1-Hotel Amantran
Location-Chakradhar Marg,near Kelo Bridge.
As far as word of mouth goes I heard that this hotel is the best one in Raigarh.We went there and as for the ambience it is average with a large rectangular dining hall separated with a small waist high wall in the centre splitting the area into two parts.There is an aquarium in the middle.The table and the chairs are bare with somewhat stained tablecloths.
    As I eat only Halal food and it wasn't available here abhishek and myself ordered Fish Masala to go with some plain rice.Satya and Ashwin ordered chilly chicken and Raviteja and praveen ordered Chicken Biryani.
So heres the verdict.The fish masala was excellent and so was the fish curry we ordered later.The chicken Biryani was good and much better than other places we tried it.As for the chilly chicken, satya described it as putting chicken in water mixed with some pepper.That pretty much sums it up.And let me remind you we haven't tried the other items.

2-Tandoori Club
 Location-This hotel is nearby my hostel i.e. at Dhimrapur chowk .
The ambience of this hotel is bare minimum with some standard chairs and tables.As halal meat wasn't available here too, abhishek and myself ordered egg fried rice.It was good. Satya and others tried chicken biryani which was acceptable but not exactly good.There is no seafood available here.Also Veg items are quite good.

3-Hotel Mezbaan
Location-Chandini Chowk
 Some friends of mine recommended this hotel and I had a lot of expectations on this one.The other day we had dinner here.We had something called Chicken chaap and it was quite good but the same coundn't be said about the Chicken Biryani.It was more like pulao with some pieces of chicken thrown in.Half a plate cost Rs 70 and a full plate costs Rs140.Having eaten the Biryanis of Hyderabad,I must say I found rather disappointing.We haven't tried the other dishes but since the main dish which I wanted to be good wasn't so, I had no desire to taste the others.

Hotel Shaheen
Location- Dhimrapur Chowk
This is a small hotel with only a small area available for sitting.This place is always crowded and most of the time one has to stand and eat outside.This hotel is very famous for its sheek,A stick pierced through small pieces of marinated chicken.One stick costs Rs10.Personally I found it to be good but not exactly great.We also ate biryanis but they weren't up to the mark so better avoid it unless you are desperately craving for halal non veg.There are other items on the menu which we haven't tried but I heard are great.Will try it out sometime in the future.


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