Saturday, September 1, 2012

Raigarh(Chhattisgarh) My abode for the next 1 year.

Its been 12 days since I moved to raigarh,Chhattisgarh and things are settling down a bit here in my hostel in Vrindavan Complex near Dhimrapur chowk.I am here to purse a PG program in Thermal Power Plant Engineering at Jindal Institute of Power Technology at Tamnar which is 40 km from my hostel.And I will be staying here for the next one year.
          Before I came,I did my homework on Raigarh and found it be a medium sized city but as seasoned travellers will tell you reading about something can be so different from what you actually see.I was underwhelmed to see the state of the city for the first time.From hyderabad to raigarh was quite a downward junp for me.I am yet to see the whole city but from what I have seen I am disspointed.There are no malls here and not many places of entertainment but anyway heres what I gathered in the last 12 days.
           Raigarh was a princely state before Independance as can be seen from the number of old buildings on the streets.I havent seen the listed buildings yet,will see them at my leisure as I have a whole year at my disposal.And maybe post something about them as i used to do in my
heritage hyderabad blog.The city itself looks small time with very few nice restuarants and Getting Non veg stuff is a bit difficult.Theres a central park built and maintained by Jindal Industries.Thats the area where a lot of street food is available including Kolkatta Rolls,kababs,pani puri etc.The river Kelo flows through the city and the bridge over it ,the Kelo Bridge provides some scope for leisurely walking and timepass.There are two theaters in the city,one of them screens movies from Bollywood and the other screens local movies.Subhash chowk is another area where one can buy stuff ranging from electronics to groceries.This is all I could gather from my initial visits around the city.I plan to make some systematic visits to the city and also to the surrounding areas.More posts to follow.


  1. good presentation.......expectn same about the JIPT also