Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bhutan's Druk Path Trek. Day 5.

It is a strange thing for us occasional trekkers,we wait for months for the trek and then once it starts we want it to end as soon as possible.The physical demands starts taking its toll from the first day itself. But then again this is what we enjoy. The whole thrill of trekking lies in that physical endurance that one goes through.It is a queer thing to explain.We are in pain and at the same time we enjoy every bit of it.

Day 5 bought us to the last day of our trek and we were both relieved and a bit sad.Relieved because we could sleep on a smooth mattress that night and we wouldn't have to use the toilet tent again.Sad because we were going to miss the wonderful mountain scenery and the adrenaline.

We had a wonderful night's sleep and were feeling mighty refreshed. The first thing that Ishita Didi asked us in the bright morning was if we felt any tremors the night before. None of us felt anything and we said she must have imagined it.Later when we reached Thimphu I checked it out in an internet cafe and found that there was an earthquake in Myanmar the previous night.But in our campsite there were no news of anything happening nearby or from the monks there.So we knew nothing of the earthquake. After a leisurely breakfast we started off from the campsite passing through the Monastery complex.We bid goodbye to a few monks who were out taking a stroll in the morning sun.

There was nothing much during our walk down to the end of the trail. We walked past a couple of prayer wheels and a few small structures.Nothing remarkable. We reached the end point in a couple hours. The trek trail makes it through the forest to this point and from here there is a tar road. Our coaster was waiting for us.We boarded it and we couldnt wait to go to our hotel and take a rejuvenating hot water bath.A half an hour drive bought us to our hotel.There ended our Druk Path Trek. 

In the evening we went out for a stroll in the city streets. The famous traffic booth of Thimphu was nearby our hotel and sure enough there was not much traffic in the streets.The skies above were overcast and now and then it drizzled for a bit.Enjoying this cool but comfortable weather we walked all the way to the Tashicho Dzong. This Dzong opens for visitors only in the evening at 5pm and closes at 6pm. A dzong is divided into two parts.One is for administrative purpose and the other part is for the religious purpose. We strolled inside the vast courtyard for an hour and finally at 6pm made our way back to the area near our hotel.After a few random visits to shops and cafes we went in for the night at around 10pm. The next day we departed for India in the morning. We reached New Jalpaiguri by evening. And our thrilling Druk Path trek trip was over.

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