Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adventure Trip to Uttrakhand,India: Inroduction.

        Not long ago I made a small goal for myself.That I would complete atleast one Himalayan trek in the next 5 years.Though it looks easy,the kind of circumstances I was in at that time made it look very difficult.I made the whole plan of the trip and was only looking for an opportunity to go.I choose Nag Tibba Trek for our first trek as I read in countless websites that it was one of the best treks for first timers.Next step was to choose a Trek Agency.After doing lots of research I choose Great Indian Outdoors.As I found out later my whole planning paid off as GIO was excellent in its service.So everything was in place and all I needed was a leave.So last month when an opportunity presented itself I grabbed it with both hands and off I went to Uttarakhand for the Adventure Trip.To make things even better Bhanu,my childhood friend, took a sudden leave and joined me.Without further delay, here starts my day wise trip account.

         I arrived in Dehradun at 11 30 pm in the night.I took an Auto and reached Vasant Vihar,where the Guest House of GIO was located.Here the trouble began.We couldn't find the exact address given.All the streets looked the same.I tired to make sense of the maps given but couldnt. The road were deserted and no one was around.After spending 30 minutes searching,I saw a watchman.I asked him and he gave some vague directions.I called up Rahul,the caretaker and he said that he would be out of the house waiting for us.After asking two other watchmen we finally reached he Guest house. I checked in at 12 30am.After a brief chat with Rahul I went in to sleep.Having slept uneasily due to a power cut,I got up at 8am next day and had a nice breakfast prepared by Rahul.I had wonderful parantas and egg bhurji.

           I decided to take a stroll around the place and in the process also visit the famed Forest Research Institute(FRI).It was a sunny day.FRI was at a walking distance from the guest house and I reached the main gate in 15 minutes.I took a Rs15 ticket at the entrance and walked in.The campus was cool and pleasant with trees everywhere.There was a straight road with pretty houses nestled among trees,at each side.At one one house I saw two kids playing with a football in the small garden in front of the house.Everything looked so peaceful.I also saw people on bicycles zipping around the campus.I kept walking and after sometime I could see the main building emerge out amongst the trees.Just then I saw a girl with a fedora hat on her ,cycling and holding an umbrella over her.In the background was the beautiful building.The whole scene looked right out from a university campus of UK.I moved closer towards the building and started taking pictures.The building was built in 1878 by Dietrich Brandis.The architecture is Greko Roman.

             Initially I was doubtful of entering as I could see no one.I kept strolling at the front for sometime and soon saw a couple of kids emerge.I followed their direction and went inside.The building is huge and it gets confusing.I kept aimlessly strolling inside and was looking for some kind of map to guide me.The hallways especially were beautiful and I took many pics here.I found out that there are six museums inside the building.
One needs to buys a separate ticket for visiting them.It costs Rs25 per person.Two of them were closed for renovation.I visited the rest.They are more like four sections instead of museums in their own right.They were average and nothing remarkable for the casual visitor.Lonely Planet describes them as leftovers from a school science fair.Of the four,the wood museum evinced the most interest from me.There were models of machines and buildings here which i liked.After strolling to my satisfaction I made my way outside.I walked to an area known as Ballupur.After having lunch in a local restaurant I went to a internet cafe and went over my plan and strengthened it with back up plans and alternatives.After going over and over the plans and when I was satisfied I made my way back to the Guesthouse preparing myself for a relaxing evening and then tucking in for the night.

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