Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cycling in the Countryside.

Cycling is one of those activities which excites and relaxes at the same time.Also its ideal for taking in the atmosphere of a place.You get to move slowly and have a look at the surroundings.You dont have to worry about parking or license or fuel.Two months back I bought myself a Hero CityBike Neon.I use it to commute to my work site.Up until this sunday I didnt get a chance to take it out for a ride in the countryside.
This sunday I did and I took it for a ride.As it is winter I covered myself in a sweater,a jacket,a pair of gloves,a beanie and a double pair of socks just make sure I don't catch any cold.And then I took out my cycle and out I went for the much awaited trip.The morning was chilly with fog all around,I could see just a couple of 100 metres ahead. I went as far as 3kms before I decided to stop by a small stream.Here I sat down on a boulder and looked around.The birds were chirping,the stream was calm,the water moving smoothly down stream.I tucked my hands inside of my jacket and for some time played around with the vapour my breath was producing as I exhaled.I sat idly watching the few villagers who were outside and going to their work.After sometime I had a thought that it would be perfect to call up a friend and have a chat in these calm and peaceful surroundings and decided to call shoaib as he would be the only one who would be awake so early on a sunday morning.We talked for sometime and then I hung up and soon I started my return.I stopped by a roadside bandi and had hot local bada(vada).Then I was back to my room having successfully completed my first cycle venture outside the plant.

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